About us

Gil Engineering Ltd. was founded in 2000 by Mr. Gil anokov, a mechanical engineer by education. The company targets the supply, installation and maintenance of quality machinery from North America, Europe and Japan to heavy industry in Israel, while creating a long-term collaboration, and professional with customers and suppliers.


The company has several areas of specialization.


Providing a very wide range of  Various types of pumps  For industrial use, wastewater treatment, drinking water, desalination, infrastructure, water wells.

Fittings Flexible rubber, metal and fabric connectors for gas chambers and chimneys; hacking pucks; Trust shoes and centers for wells and drilling horizons, from the authors of a buffer;"fisses" for cleaning pipes

Static mixers;  Seals of various types.

Pump Accessories  Such as: mechanical gaskets, coated, spare parts oils, and more.

Equipment and services for guest containers and storage  : domes for containers, floating roofs, peripheral seals for floating roofs, floating suction arms, valves; Stirring of various types, filling arms and emptying of road tankers and train carriages , folding stairs for drivers .  fast connections; Lifting tankers with hydraulic pistons.

Equipment for ports and ships. : Filling and emptying arms of marine tankers, fast connectors for tankers. Pumps for ships, bumpers for piers and vessels. Tremor relievers for vessel assemblies and plumbing.

Equipments: Dmisterim, columns and distillation trays, stir, halcan.


Clients list includes Israel's leading companies: subsidiaries and refineries. According to Paz gas group rolls as dead sea works Ltd., Rotem amfert, Brom Company Ltd., makhteshim chemical works Ltd., palis, desalination, environmental services company, electrical company Ltd., EAPC now, petroleum & energy infrastructures Ltd.  Terminal to pollute, banks Ltd., Haifa chemicals Ltd., and Vichy.